JET45 Starter Kit - includes Re-Usable Application Gun

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Product Yield:  The Jet45 Starter Kit will yield approximately 400 linear feet @ 1/4" x 1/4" of concrete crack.  (100 linear feet @ 1/4" x 1/4" per cartridge.)  It is combined with manufactured silica sand or equivalent at the point of application. The gradation of the sand and the amount of sand used will determine yield. The approximate yield is based on 1 part mixed polymer to 3 parts 30-40 grit silica sand.

Excellent product for repairing runway cracks, spalls, and holes in the concrete surfaces on and around your hangars and tarmacs.  Also use our Kit for anchoring bolts, securing railings, and dozens of other uses.  The JET45 Kit has extremely low viscosity for deep penetration.  Cures in a wide climate range from 100° F down to subzero temperatures!  Our material has a high chemical resistance and is safe to use with very little odor.

The Cartridge is completely self-mixing.  A major benefit to the material is that it's long lasting repairs won’t get brittle and pop out.  The preparation is super easy!  With little to no downtime, repairs may be opened to traffic just 10 minutes after application (at 70° F).

Please Note:  Cold weather extends curing time.