About Us

Joseph E. Tomes is a pilot, aircraft enthusiast, and concrete repair expert with over 35 years’ experience solving complex concrete-related problems.  He began his career providing design and installation advice on projects ranging from underground garage waterproofing to high-rise waterproofing.  In the late 1980s, Joe designed products for the sprayed applied (shotcrete) market which significantly improved structural repairs for bridges and parking garages. The system was adopted by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration.  Due to the success of his system, Joe began identifying other industry problems and designing products to solve them.  He founded the concrete manufacturing company J. E. Tomes & Associates, Inc. and has spent the past 30 years developing numerous award-winning products and continuing to lend his expertise to countless repair projects. 


JETCRETE.com is the combination of Joe Tomes’ 2 passions: Aviation and Concrete Repair.  He understands from first-hand experience that runway repairs and the reduction of FOD are critical and often cannot wait for warm weather.  For that reason, JETCRETE.com offers easy-to-use kits that quickly and PERMANENTLY repair concrete at any temperature.  The products included in JETCRETE kits have stood up to harsh weather and physically demanding applications such as forklift and metal-wheel traffic for over 25 years.  The products are second to none and provide a permanent solution to the demanding repairs needed on runways, hangars, tarmac areas, garages and more.